Jag-vill-ha-allt #dimepiecela/

Herregud, snubblade över ett märke som heter Dimepiece clothing för några veckor sen och hade det inte varit så att jag har shopping-stopp hade jag gått lös. Dör. Tips är att följa deras instagram för allmän konsumtionspepp.



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DimePiece was created in Spring 2007 by brand co-founders and designers Ashley Jones and Laura Fama, with the intention to carve a niche in the fashion universe and create garments that express and embody female empowerment. Subsequent fashion degrees and years of experience within LA’s thriving urban contemporary industry reconfirmed that they had stumbled upon a unique aesthetic and feisty attitude. A recurring theme of women and power and how the two interconnect can be seen each season. The brand’s name is used as intentional irony as explained by Ashley Jones, “How dense is our society that we rate women by a number scale? We mean for the term ‘DimePiece’ to be ironic and rule-breaking. We intend to turn the perception of a ‘DimePiece’ around so women would be able to use it proudly. A Dimepiece is a woman who is unique onto herself and doesn’t place herself into any categories. She’s self-governing, opinionated and doesn’t rely on her appearance for sole-recognition. She is a positive representation of today’s young female and is essentially the perfect ten… all around.

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